Interior Design by Yongming He

Yongming He Designs The Baisheng Garden Interior Design

Yongming He, the lead designer of the award winning work Interior design:Baisheng Garden by Yongming He explicates, Whether it is the line of the people in the dragon dance, or the natural texture that the landscape presents, there is a kind of flowi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Gen Farma Executive Board Chairman Room

Ismet Tekeli Shares The Gen Farma Executive Board Chairman Room

Ismet Tekeli, the project leader of the highlighted design Executive Board Chairman Room:Gen Farma by Ismet Tekeli spells out, The concept of the room is, combining minimalism and modernity with technology. The use of natural materials made area cosy <Cropped>

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Adaptable Multipurpose Carpet:jigsaw Stardust by Ingrid Kulper Design

Ingrid Kulper Design Portrays The Jigsaw Stardust Adaptable Multipurpose Carpet

Ingrid Kulper Design, the author of the awarded project Ingrid Kulper Design's Jigsaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet demonstrates, The rugs are made in rhombs and hexagons, easy to place next to each other with an antislip surface. Perf <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kaiseki Den Restaurant

Monique Lee Spotlights The Kaiseki Den Restaurant

Monique Lee, the maker of the awarded design Restaurant by Monique Lee spells out, Kaiseki Den by Saotome, employs distinctive Wabi-sabi design elements of simplicity, raw texture, modesty and nature to exemplify Zen meaning behind Kaiseki cuisine. S <Cropped>

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The Archives of Agricultural-Agricultural by Mo Guangping

Mo Guangping Illustrates The The Archives of Agricultural Agricultural

Mo Guangping, the designer of the awarded design Agricultural by Mo Guangping points out, The book is categorized to agriculture, people livelihood, agricultural and sideline, agricultural finance and agricultural policy. By way of categorized desi <Cropped>

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Soft Drink Packaging by Rice Creative

Rice Creative Creates The Coca-Cola Tet 2014 Soft Drink Packaging

Rice Creative, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Coca-Cola Tet 2014 Soft drink packaging illustrates, To create a series of Coca-Cola cans which spread millions of Tet wishes nation wide. We utilized Coca-cola's Tet symbo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Metric Dimanic Sculptural Painting

Webber (ping-Chun) Chen Exhibits The Metric Dimanic Sculptural Painting

Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen, the author of the award winning design Webber (Ping-Chun) Chen's Metric Dimanic Sculptural Painting says, 'Metric Dimanic' is a contemporary Sculptural Painting, the name refers to Metric, Diamond and Dynamic. <Cropped>

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5g Router by Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas

Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas Discloses The Nft 3ac 5g Router

Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas, the project leader of the award winning project NFT 3AC by Denis Orlenok & Deividas Juozulynas explains, High security router designed to be used both in public and private inner spaces. Elegant form of <Cropped>

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Hongo-City Office Branch by Hidehiko Nagano

Hidehiko Nagano Discloses The Hongo City Office Branch

Hidehiko Nagano, the designer of the highlighted work City office branch by Hidehiko Nagano explains, The project is composed of office and public facilities. The site is located in historical mountain village, Hongo, where traditional buildings stil <Cropped>

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Loveseat by André Gurgel

André Gurgel Illustrates The Fluens Loveseat

André Gurgel, the author of the award winning work Fluens by André Gurgel illustrates, Fluens is a modern and sofisticated loveseat that breaks with our conventions and redefines the concept of design. The assimetric aesthetics (New shape in eve <Cropped>

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