Kisarazu-Photo Landscape by Kousaku Hirano

Kousaku Hirano Portrays The Kisarazu Photo Landscape

Kousaku Hirano, the author of the highlighted design photo Landscape by Kousaku Hirano points out, Kousaku says in the beginning, the air was so tense that it was almost like a battlefield. Eventually, that battlefield changed to everyday life, and h <Cropped>

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Ahmed Habib-Lines's The Cube Private House

Ahmed Habib-Lines Shows The The Cube Private House

Ahmed Habib - Lines, the designer of the displayed project Private House by Ahmed Habib - Lines says, To create a quality living experience and redefine the image of a residential building in Kuwait while maintaining the climate requirements and priv <Cropped>

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Yicca 2020-International Contest of Contemporary Art

Yicca Contest Is a Huge Chance For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize and Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Submitted Works in An Art Gallery in Milan.the Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The Intern

Yicca contest is a huge chance for the artists, which can win a cash prize and have the opportunity to exhibit the submitted works in an art gallery in milan.The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the i <Cropped>

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Sales Center by Guo Jie

Guo Jie Shares The Forest Park Sales Center Sales Center

Guo Jie, the creative mind behind the awarded work Forest Park Sales Center - Sales Center by Guo Jie explicates, Drawing inspirations from the forest, the interior design has interpreted the typical forest elements in an artistic way. Natural enviro <Cropped>

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Private House by Arthur Ho

Arthur Ho Shows The Forest and Greenery Private House

Arthur Ho, the creative mind behind the displayed project Arthur Ho's Forest and Greenery Private House points out, A 6-meter wall decorated with assorted plants is arranged by the side of the new entrance. The spiral staircase and the plant wal <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dali Hotel Logo and Vi

Dongdao Design Team Reveals The Dali Hotel Logo and Vi

Dongdao Design Team, the creator of the displayed design Dali Hotel - Logo and VI by Dongdao Design Team points out, The Dali Hotel is a high-end brand combining local ethnic customs with modernity and elegance. It is located in the Dali Old Town, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Childhood Series Furniture Collection

Wanghe Studio-Goutu Spotlights The Childhood Series Furniture Collection

Wanghe Studio - GOUTU, the project leader of the awarded project Furniture Collection:Childhood Series by Wanghe Studio - GOUTU demonstrates, Many young professionals are dealing with a higher cost of living longer workweeks and cramped apartments. T <Cropped>

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Papers Sampler by Izabela Jurczyk

Izabela Jurczyk Demonstrates The Paperlinx Sampler of Decorative Papers Papers Sampler

Izabela Jurczyk, the creative mind behind the award winning design Papers sampler by Izabela Jurczyk explains, The latest sampler of decorative papers is a tribute to elegant textures and unique colours. World design trends have their direct impact o <Cropped>

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Sake Set:yozakura by Govy

Govy Discloses The Yozakura Sake Set

govy, the architect of the displayed project Yozakura by govy points out, Yozakura (lit. night Sakura) is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossom) at night by gathering under lighted trees to celebrate nature’s bea <Cropped>

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Post Disaster Tent:tentative by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Illustrates The Tentative Post Disaster Tent

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the highlighted design Post Disaster Tent by Hakan Gürsu explicates, Tentative is a smart compact post disaster shelter tent. A simple yet innovative tent is a way to bring fast practical shelter to emergency disaster vi <Cropped>

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