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In a rapidly changing society, the supply of products has reached saturation. The production and sales cycle of "producing more than demand" and "selling cheaply if they are left" methods have remained unchanged for decades, at the expense of the environment.The idea of using new production technologies, to create products that suit one only, which prevent waste caused by mass production is why Serpentinata, a 3D printed pen is born. Serpentinata is designed under the concept and aim of "reducing the impact on the environment by producing only what we need".

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This is a compass that can independently determine the radius. In addition to drawing circles, it can also draw arcs and straight lines. The radius is adjusted by moving the two sides and displayed on the disc. The middle inserting pen is made of silicone, which can be applied to pens of different sizes. The length of the drawn line and the angle of the arc can be calculated by the rotation of the wheel. When the angle between the two sides is 180 degrees, the drawn line is a straight line. In addition, the disc in the middle can be rotated to make the process of drawing a circle smoother.

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Renew is a marker that users can disassemble it by twisting the pen to quickly replace the refill and reuse it. The nib has a flexible space to ensure full contact with the surface of the paper. In addition, it also features a coloring area to identify true colors. When the pen cap corresponds to the pen holder color, the tilt direction of the pen cap can indicate the tilt direction of the pen tip.

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Forest Tidy

This is a wooden tidy box with a unique appearance and practicality, and it's a space beautician. With the mass capacity and multiple compartments, it can perfectly organize and store pens and other things, bidding farewell to the messy scenes, clean and tidy. It can not only meet the decoration needs of desktops, living rooms, studios and other environments, but also can meet the demand of space optimization at the same time, bringing efficiency for users.

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Triangle Notebook

The Triangle notebook is a subversive approach to the traditional rectangular notebook. Its triangle shape opens up as a perfect square on which to write. The lines are positioned at 90 degrees on each side. Thus, each ruled page turns into a squared page, if back lit. Its shape makes it easy to carry around and suitable for short notes and drawings.

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When one cuts pencil, sawdust is generated. In the triangular flask, sawdust is contained without being hided. I think not to hide is natural, and such a naturalness is beautiful. ‘Acutor’ containing beauty is the pencil cutter considering both its esthetics and practicality.

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