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The Sweety

The wedding is a ceremony for two people, and it is also an important original intention of the wedding to share this joy with more people. We bring everyone a novel interactive experience through wedding candy. You can print a symbol of joy on your face, hands, paper ... anywhere you like, and then two wedding candy will fall out immediately. Guests can continue this fun game and add a joyous atmosphere to the wedding. Everyone receives more than a wedding gift, but also a beautiful wish that can be passed on.

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The design language of Full card-case is "hollow out", which explored the relationship between inside function and appearance of the product. A slender hollow has been milled on the body to show the metal Refill inside. The shape formed the proper area for holding the pen, which find the balance between beauty and human engineering. Furthermore, Full weighs 19 grams, which provides good sense of holding to enhance its user experience.

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Pen is not only a tool of writing, but also a medium for people to express emotions. Smart is a pen that can talk. The whole set of pen contains the A-Z and 0-9 rings. The users may combine Happy, Let Me Alone to relief emotions; they may also combine Peter to DIY the personalized signature that belongs to themselves. A pen provides the limitless possibility for its users to express their own.

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Pineapple Pins

Pineapple Pins is a versatile packaging solution that is offbeat and user-centric in approach. The idea was to come up with a design solution that made the cycle of using push pins easy, versatile and efficient. Ideating a versatile functionality within eco-friendly packaging and keeping it minimal was the aim. The varied stages in the use of the package effectively suffice the cycle of picking, using, and storing push pins. The packaging solution is ergonomic, convenient, eco-friendly, user-friendly, safe from kids, can be used multiple times, and is hassle-free.

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Gla Gla

When creating a distinctly Croatian souvenir for the island of Krk designers came up with a puzzle teaching the players ancient Glagolitic scripture as it appears on the Baska stone tablet (dating back to 1100 AD). Puzzle pieces are made out of olive trees, grown on the island of Krk since ancient Greece. Gla Gla condenses thousands of years of culture into a game allowing the users to piece together bits of Croatian history from the island of Krk and recombine them into new stories and words in any language.

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Qui (which in Italian means here) is a magnetic pencil and pen holder that makes everyday life easier. Qui allows to stick a pen or pencil wherever one wishes. The metal disc is adhesive, so it can be applied to any surface. Just clip Qui onto a pencil or pen and thanks to the magnet it can be attached anywhere to always know where to find it.

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